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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Transformation of The Sentences

Assertive to Imperative

You should + verb + ext.
Verb + ext.

Assertive: You should go there.
Imperative: Go there.
Sub + should + verb + ext.
Let + sub== obj.+ verb + ext.

Assertive: He should drive out./ He should not drive out.
Imperative: Let him drive out./ Let him not drive out.
Assertive to Exclamatory

Sub + verb + very + ext.
How + ext + sub + verb!

Assertive: our country looks very nice.
Exclamatory: How nice our country looks!
Sub + verb + a very/ a great + adj + ext.
What a/an + adj + ext + sub + verb!

Assertive: Talha is a very good boy.
Exclamatory: What a boy Talha is!
What a fun/pity/fool (a great)
Exclamatory: What a fool you are!
Assertive: You are a great fool.
Sub + wish/like/fancy + sub +  verb + ext.
If/ Would that/ Had + sub + verb + ext !

Assertive: I wish I were a child again.
Exclamatory: If I were a child again!

It is a matter of joy/rejoice that
It is a matter of sorrow that
Alas/ Oh Allah!
It is a matter of shame that
Fie! Fie!

Assertive: It is a matter of sorrow that we’ve lost the game.
Exclamatory: Alas! We’ve lost the game.